MP45 day 1,but really 2

Today i semi started day 1 of MP45. Yes i know semi doesn’t really count as a start, but let me give you a background. March 7th 2016, I started a fitness program called MP45. The program cost around 100 dollars, but some friends said they wanted to do it as well so i signed up, thinking we were going to do this thing together. I looked into MP45 and the results of the other dudes was phenomenal to say the least. I thought if i could lose half as much weight as these guys and gain half as much muscle and tone as they did then i will be well worth my money. So i signed up, paid my money, and waited for Monday to start.

Day 1: I took my pictures front, side, side, back. without holding anything in or flexing the guns, i snapped the still shot. Ok listen side story. I am not necessarily a small guy. I have been an athlete my whole life. I’m no stranger to the gym. I played baseball through high school. I got a black belt in karate from Steven the Wonderboy Thompson. Before he was the Wonderboy. If its a sport i will give it a shot, and most likely love it. I even had a part-time job for two years as a kick boxing instructor for 9Round Fitness. I enjoy working out. Something about it just relaxes me.

My Starting Weight on round 1 of MP45 was around 230 pounds, and 31 percent body fat. After about 8 days of the program, eating what it has specified, i had lost close to 10 pounds. I enjoy eating food, sue me its kind of my thing. So the struggle with “healthy” food is very real. I like the meal plan for this program bc it’s what i would consider “normal” food. Its chicken, steak, its eatable vegetables. Nothing too crazy, except for octopus day. That was a little odd for me. I did not eat octopus. As i said before i am a big dude. I have muscular legs and arms but the belly fat is where i struggle. I know it’s the food, but food is so good. “You cant out exercise a bad diet. That it the struggle i am trying to learn.

I missed out on starting over on the Monday, so rather than procrastinating and waiting another week to put in the actions I started on Tues. Hints the title day 1, but really 2. Today i was about to eat eggs salads and grilled salmon, as my full meals. I am good with that. The odd part is the snacks. You don’t really feel like your ready for any food two hours after your meal, but that’s where they get you. You have these healthy and properly proportioned snacks to keep up the metabolism, and to keep your portions on larger meals in check. I know they help me. I can eat until I’m sick if someone would let me. One thing i had to get used to was coffee. The diuretic of the program. 8:00 am was 2 cups of black coffee, and 10 grams of whey protein. I hate coffee. really hate it. It taste like liquid dirt in a mug. Awful, but you get used to it i do have to say.

The workout: This is my favorite part of the day. It was Am cardio. You started out with 5 min warm up then its on. You have runs follwed by rest periods. Get the heart reate up and used to being about the make it back down to safe recovery range in an acceptable amout of time. The total workout today was about 45 min total. from warm up to streatch.

This is my second attempt at MP45. I have already completed one round of the program and I enjoy it so much that i have started round two. This time i will not be taking pictures every day of my progress, but i will be blogging about it. I am wanting to try to help anywhere i can. I have my results from round 1. I ended my MP45 round with a total weight loss of 30 pounds, and a body fat percentage of 26%. I wanted to get to the 185-190 range and didnt meet that goal so I am trying over to reach my Goal. This time i am at 204 pounds on day 1, and still at 26% bf. If you would like to look more into this program please feel free to go under my url and check it out.

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My MP45 url is

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