Today’s inspiration 

For the past maybe 2 weeks I have tried to wake up run just one mile and do my devotions. Bc of the work schedule It has made the run part harder but I knocked down to trying to run 1 mile atleast 3 times a week. Well I started out at 11.06 min mile … More Today’s inspiration 


Stories in the car

When I take my little girl to school, she always ask, “daddy tell me a story”. Majority of the time the story goes “about when I was a little baby”. Lately they have been different stories. Daddy tell me about Daniel and the Lions Den. This one is my favorite. I get into these stories. … More Stories in the car

I cried today.

Today we had a going home ceremony for my little brother Corey Hafner. I feel as though today is the day that i actually got to grieve the loss of my friend. When the news broke I went into my Youth Pastor role and friend role, bc i honestly feel like i am on this … More I cried today.

In time out

Events of life can weigh on a person. I am learning this the hard way, but hey that’s me. I have always taken the path less traveled. I have been in time out more than my fair share of times. I have had butt whooppins to the point where the pastor stopped his sermon and … More In time out