Day 1 of a blog?? 

Today I start day one of my blog. I will be blogging about my youth ministry, my children’s ministry, and my fitness goals. 

I started out in to the Children’s Ministry about a year and a half ago and loved every minute of it. God called me into the ministry when I was a kid, and like a lot of other pastors before me I neglected the idea. I had somewhat of a troubled childhood. I did not come from a broken home, I just had a mean streak in me that not many people knew. Sweat and innocent to the outside world, holy terror to my family. 

My senior pastor David Kemp took me in as part of his ministry. He had a son and a daughter of his own, but saw the need of my parents and took time to invest in a life like mine. One day I was particularly agitated at who knows what, and he took me out to the playground of the church daycare and sat me down in a swing and proceeded to change my life forever. He explained to me what I was doing wrong took time to let me cool off and gave me something called a widows mite. In my adolescent mind it was a penny, but as he explained to me that God was always with me and if I were scared or aggravated or just feeling alone that I could simply put my hand in my pocket and touch this widows mite and remember I was made for something more. 

In grade school i was told by a teacher and a principal that I would never make it past the third grade. Little did I know those words would haunt my life. Remember I said I was a trouble child? How many kids can say they were expelled from kindergarten? Really kindergarten, the place where you glue macaroni to construction paper, stack blocks, eat lunch, and go home by noon. How do you get expelled from that lifestyle? Not quite sure how but it happened, I was the one. 

The principal of the elementary school was not my friend. On more than one occasion in her office I cleared her desk of any and all items with the swipe of my “innocent” arm. She was the one who would say the words that would break my bones. She said “you will never make it past the third grade”. In third grade my parents got special permission from the school district to get me a male teacher. This teacher played football with his students and had a whole different style of teaching that would ultimately be something I needed in my life. About half way through the year while riding home from school with my grandmother I was in a car wreck. Nanny ran a stop sign and a car hit my door at an estimated 80 mph speed limit. Paramedics said there is no reason I should be alive, but my God is bigger than car wreck. He is bigger than a small minded teacher. He is greater than any words a principal could ever cut me with. He had better plans for me, and now I’m seeing them come to fruition. 

I am a youth pastor to some of the most amazing students in the world. I took the yp position a little over a year ago. Crave Student Ministries, is the youth group at Tri County Worship Center. I am a kid at heart, and I feel like that’s what makes me love my positions as much as I do. I have always been involved in youth ministry. I entered into the crosswalk youth group as a 12 year old because Royal rangers wasn’t working out for a youth of my caliber. So I went in early and basically never left. I love investing in the young minds of adolescent children and hormonal youth. It’s a great deal of fun and quite challenging to say the least, but it’s what I was meant for. 

After my car wreck and a many years of growing up I became a full time fire fighter for Greenville City Fire Dept. I knew I was supposed to help people. I love it because I see people on their worst days and get to be the one they look to for help. I have learned the hard fact that you can’t save everyone, and I feel as though that has equipped me for the job of dealing with children and youth. Your not going to be able to reach every child. I’m not going to be able to speak life into every student, but I’m going to try.

 Finally I have entered into a time when my health is important to me. I have never been about looks or weight, but now that I am a father to a beautiful baby girl, I have decided that I will do what I can to be healthier and live as long as I can to protect her. The fitness has got me writing  this blog. I bought into a fitness program called MP45. It’s a full body program intended to help anyone take off the pounds and live a healthier lifestyle. I will be blogging through my journey for two reasons. One reason is to help anyone I can, and the other to be honest is bc they will pay me to do so. As I close out my first blog ever I want to thank anyone who reads. If I can reach one more person or if I can help one more life to be changed then I shall continue to do so. 


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