I cried today.

Today we had a going home ceremony for my little brother Corey Hafner. I feel as though today is the day that i actually got to grieve the loss of my friend. When the news broke I went into my Youth Pastor role and friend role, bc i honestly

feel like i am on this earth to help others. Today i was asked to be pall bearer, and i had no other role than to be a part of my friends funeral. Honored as i was to know Corey there are a few things i remember.

I remember the day i met him he jumped on the back of my harley and wrapped his arms around me and said lets go. I didn’t even know this dudes name and here he is hugged up to me man to man on a motorcycle. I politely look at him with scared eyes and said ok i think its time for you to get off me now.
I will forever remember when an hour after i got a tattoo and i came over to show him and he held me down and rubbed the fresh ink saying that he had to set it in. I still have 2 white spots on my tattoo that never healed right.
I also remember this picture. This man that i asked to be the God father to my child was terrified to even hold her. He might break her. Even though Corey was scared i knew that he would give his life to save hers.
I cried today when we said our goodbyes. I cried bc the drama that you helped to create, is the drama that i performed in front of thousands of people this past week in Colombia. I cried bc i knew that i cant just come see you at the gym anymore. I cried bc i know that here on earth your job was to take care of Peyton if i was ever unable to, but now your job has changed. My wife said it best when she said ” I expect you to watch over her, and to be her guardian angel.” Corey that is your job you watch over me and my family until we are able to see you again.
Walk with me Protect me CBH (little Bro)

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