In time out

Events of life can weigh on a person. I am learning this the hard way, but hey that’s me. I have always taken the path less traveled. I have been in time out more than my fair share of times. I have had butt whooppins to the point where the pastor stopped his sermon and asked the congregation “to pray because Nan is going to kill Derrick!” True story!!

Today my wife and I were talking on our way to her moms house. She told me that my kid was just like me. She found out that when my kid was acting out that she could just tell her to go to her room! The dreaded mom voice saying “go to your room” is possibly one of the worst commands ever. Whit told Peyton to go to her room until she could dry it up. So Peyton crying and squalling like kids do walked down the mile long hallway to her room and waited. Whit said that after a few min she came back in the living room and stated that she was done being ugly to mommy. 

As I think about this story and I think about my days of getting in trouble I can’t help but think about my hours spent in time out!! I wouldn’t cross the threshold of my room, bc of the fear that mom put into my life from the countless spanking I got. I was sentenced to timeout once and thought it would be smart to play with my toys instead of being in trouble. So the parents found out and proceeded to clean my room out leaving me nothing but a hanger in the closet. I’m sure it was left by accident, bc they even took out my clothes. 

Well I have been reading through Job. I have read this boom before bc it’s my favorite one in the bible. It starts out Job was a blameless man. I like it bc even though I deserved all my punishments Job did not. At the time while I’m getting in trouble it’s not my fault. After the math and I look into what’s happening, I realize i am to blame. Job didn’t do that. Job never cursed God. Job took what the devil put on him and still rejoiced God for his graces. God allowed the devil to take Jobs family, his wealth, and his health. Job never wavered. 

I want to be the one that God looks at and says have you considered my son Derrick?   I want when the devil needs to be proven wrong again, that God knows that I will be the one that will not go against him. I need to learn from my mistakes. I need to realize that now that I am grown my “timeout” time is no longer a stern mother demanding me to go to my room. My time out time is sit along and listen to what God has for you to learn. 

I’m in time out now. I have been too busy lately to hear my wife, I have been to busy to hear my daughter, I have been too busy to hear my God. For this I will stay in time out and continue to listen. Timeout can be enjoyed. 

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