Stories in the car

When I take my little girl to school, she always ask, “daddy tell me a story”. Majority of the time the story goes “about when I was a little baby”. Lately they have been different stories. Daddy tell me about Daniel and the Lions Den. This one is my favorite. I get into these stories. After all I am talking to a three year old. The story goes like this.

In the bible there was this guy named Daniel. Daniel loved Jesus, he prayed to him everyday. One day King Darious and the high officers made a law that would be enforced. They made the law that no one would pray to anyone except King Darious. If you did, you would be thrown into the lions den. Daniel heard of this law and went home and did as he usually does and prayed in front of the open window.

King Darious loved Daniel he even tried to find a way to save him from this law. The problem was that the other officers were telling the king on Daniel, and demanding that the law and the rules are to be followed. King Darious said, it is the law and you can arrest Daniel and throw him in the den.  So Daniel was arrested and thrown in the den of hungry lions, and a stone was placed on the top so there could be no escape.

This is where my version of the story gets fun. I ask “Peyton do you know what happens next”? With her eyes wide open and mind full of wonder no matter how many times she has heard the story. She said “nope”. So it continues. Daniel gets thrown in and those hungry lions say ROOOOOAAAAARRRR!!!! Then, a lion on the other side of the den say ROOOOAAAARRR!!! They are really saying, “I am hungry, I am hungry for DANIEL!!! You know what Daniel did next? He prayed to Jesus. He probably said something along the lines of  Jesus, I am scared in here with the hungry angry lions. Please come and give me some peace. Then, picture this I am a children’s pastor so I have the talking to children voice. “You know what Daniel did? The story tells us that those lions weren’t even hungry or scary anymore. They closed their mouths, and walked over to Daniel and you know what he did? He started petting those silly lions. He was brushing their manes with his hands and playing with their tails. I think he may have even tickled their paws”.

The next day King Darious, couldn’t sleep so he ran out to the den of lions and demanded that they roll the stone away. So the did and he saw Daniel in that den still alive and well. He might have even been using one of those lions as a pillow and maybe he was taking a nap. So Darious the king placed a ladder down in that den of lions and got Daniel out safe and sound. Not even a scratch on him.

My daughter is delighted at this part and most of the time she will ask that we start the story all over again. She loves the bible stories and its times like these, on the long rides to school that i will remember forever. I know that the people in the cars next to me, can see and possibly even hear parts of the story. I am sure they think I have lost my mind. They probalby dont see that I have someone in the back that makes life worth living. I find great joy in teaching my child even though only three years old the stories of how our God is great and greatly to be praised.


Derrick Huskamp


Youth and Children’s Pastor





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